Coal Gasification System

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Coal high speed circulating fluidized bed gasification system 

1. Raw Material

   Along with the development of mecahnical coal Mining ,Pulverized coal rate is more and more high .meanwhile ,coal is more and more lack.the low quality coal should be used ,too. The old fixedbed gasification process  which use good quality coal as raw material is not avialable .consequently , our company develope large scale pulverized coal fluidizedbed gasification technology ,which is designed for pulverized coal (particle size <10mm,), like lignite ,inferior bituminous coal


The process is designed based on the feature of low fixed carbon content in coal. To use circulating fluidized bed gasifier and use steam as agent ,the temperature of gasifier is kept at 950℃,which help carbon react with steam. The incompletely reacted coke is separated by cyclone and sent back to gasififer through returning device . Becuase the temperature of the whole reaction area is high and uniform. No tar is produced in furnace .waste heat of coal gas is collected by boiler to supply steam.

Because coal did not contain tar, dry filter is enough to clean gas. The clean gas can be used to output power, burn industrial boiler, klins and metal Smelting.


3.Technical Features

A.big amount of inferior coal like bitminous coal can be used to produce gas

B.high automatically controlling level

C. Gasification thermal efficiency >85%, Gasification Intensity >6MW/m2,Gas heat value:46 MJ/Nm3

D:The capacity can be 1t/h30t/h coal treatment

E:there is no tar in gas , cleanning process is easy . No secondary pollution

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