biomass gas to burn boiler

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biomass updraft fixedbed gasification integrated system to burn boiler 


biomass downdraft fixedbed gasification integrated system to burn boiler 


biomass fluidizedbed integrated system to burn boiler 


Saw dust, bamboo dust , straw, rice husk ,wood chips, bamboo chips ,fruit shell etc.


A.steam/hot water

B.Wood charcoal ,straw charcoal, rice husk cahrcoal, fruit shell charcoal.


3. Technical features

A.the syngas from gasifier with high temperature is directly sent to boiler to produce steam or hot water,the tar in syngas in form of gas is sent to be burnt in boiler .there is no tar pollution

B. High efficiency

C. The technical process have agricutlure waste/ forestry waste and all biomass take the place of coal, natural gas , petrolum oil and so on to supply useful energy like steam, hot water and even output valuable charcoal. It bring big economical benefits.

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