Professor Wenjiang Ding , the academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and Shanghai Jiaotong University visited Debo to guide the work

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On June 15th afternoon,The academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and Shanghai Jiaotong University professor,Mr.Wenjiang Ding , director of hydrogen Science Center,come to visit Hefei Debo.Shoujun Zhang  , chairman of the company, accompanied the visit during the whole process.Wanbao Lu, executive vice manager, introduced Debo's biomass gasification multi-combined production, coal-fired coupled biomass gasification power generation and biomass gasification for natural gas / hydrogen preparation technology.

Later, academician Ding and his colleagues went to Debo biomass gasification equipment manufacturing base for investigation. Debo engineers started the gasification experimental equipment on site, and demonstrated the operation status of furnace starting, feeding, reaction, gas combustion and charcoal production. Inspecting the completed plant, academician Ding praised: "Debo's equipment manufacturing strength is very strong, and the equipment quality is guaranteed."

After visiting the completed plant, academician Ding went to Feixi biomass gasification operation site, visited gasification workshop, intelligent control room, raw material workshop, biochar workshop, etc. chairman Shoujun Zhang explained the operation process and economic benefits of the project in detail. Academician Ding highly appraised the comprehensive utilization technology of biomass gasification in Debo, and put high hopes on the industrialization application of Debo biomass gasification hydrogen production technology.

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