Dong Hao, Secretary of the Party committee of Huadian Xiangyang, visited debo anji biomass gasification for heating and charcoal production project

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On May 20th afternoon,Mr.Dong hao,the secretary of the Party Committee of Huadian Xiangyang,visited debo anji biomass gasification for heating and charcoal production project.Mr.Dong visited the raw material workshop,gasification equipment and intelligent control room in Anji.

Anji project not only solve the problem of large quantity of bamboo waste,but aslo the generated biogas can instead of natural gas to reduce the companies cost of energy,the biochar can be deeply mahcined into activated charcoal and soil remediation agent,have good enviromental and economical benefit and social benefit.It also practices the general secretary's ecological civilization concept of "clean water and clean mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains".

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