Speech for the new year in 2020

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2019 has passed in a hurry, time has recorded our steps, performance has proved our efforts, with thanksgiving and hope for the future, we have entered 2020. In the past year, with the support and help of friends from all over the world, and with the efforts of all employees and management, Debo company has overcome the impact of market environment fluctuations in domestic and abroad, continued to deepen technology research and development, insisted on the two-way balanced development of project operation and engineering construction, pushed forward quality and safety projects, and continued to maintain a strong development momentum.

In terms of project operation, Anhui Deboyongfeng new energy Co., Ltd., Anhui Mingguang Hongyuan biomass Co., Ltd. and Guodian Changyuan Hubei Biomass Gasification Technology Co., Ltd. invested by Debo have operated continuously and safely all the year, providing green and low-carbon thermal energy and electric energy for the society. The newly signed projects of Huaining Zhongji energy and Anguo Debo have completed the early stage The procedure has entered the stage of equipment delivery and installation, which will be completed and put into operation within the year. More than ten operation and reserve projects have signed intention contracts, which will be started after the completion of relevant links. In terms of project construction, the domestic market has completed the project construction and commissioning of Suifenhe, Mingguang, Zixi in Jiangxi and Nanyang in Henan, which has won the unanimous praise of the owner and further expanded The international market has completed the construction and operation of Ghana palm shell and coconut shell gas carbon co production project in Africa, and realized the high value of China's green energy equipment output in Africa. In terms of technology research and development, it has continuously obtained the support of national and all levels of research and development funds, and cooperated with Nanjing University of technology in the "characteristic town full renewable energy multi energy complementary thermal electrical storage coupling" The key technology and demonstration project of cogeneration system is supported by the national key R & D Program Fund. The second round of technology and equipment for high efficiency gasification of organic solid wastes and deep utilization of products, which is cooperated with Southeast University, will soon be supported by the national key R & D Program Fund. The company takes the lead in the research and equipment development of high efficiency and clean combustion technology of low calorific value biomass gas Supported by the R & D fund of major R & D projects in Hefei, which shows that our R & D level is improving day by day, and our direction has been paid more and more attention by the state and governments at all levels. In terms of the standard of biomass carbon gas cogeneration, we have presided over or participated in the formulation of biochar based organic fertilizer, technical guidelines for biomass gasification cogeneration system, biomass intelligent carbon gas cogeneration equipment , complete equipment for grain and oil biomass gasification, etc.; in terms of achievements, the coupling power generation of biomass gasification and coal-fired boiler jointly developed by Debo company, Xiangyang power generation company and Huadian science and Engineering Co., Ltd. won the first prize of Huadian Group for scientific and technological progress.


The achievements in 2019 can not be achieved without the efforts of Debo people, and also without the partners who care about our growth. Here, I would like to express my sincerely thanks to Debo people who have made great efforts in the past year. At the same time, I wish all our partners good health in the new year, a smooth career and an endless and happy life!

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