2020 Debo annual meeting for Spring Festival was held successfully

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On the night of January 20th,Hefei New Wencai Hotel was full of laughter and joy.All the Debo staffs got together to hold 2020 Gongzhengaoyuan Tongyaoxinghui annual meeting for Spring Festival,the excellent self-made and performed programs left deep impression for us.

At 17:30,The annual meeting started.

The vice president Mr.Wanbo Lu ,Mr.Chengwu Zhao and the technology department leader Mr.Gan Feng had maken speech.

Chairman Mr.Shoujun Zhang had given awards to the excellent staffs.

The representative of the excellent staffs made the speech.

At 18:30,with a happy and wonderful dance《Your laugh is

so nice》,the programs performance started.wonderful dance,graceful songs,humorous three and a half......It shows positive spirit of Debo team.

At 19:30,Chairman Mr.Shoujun Zhang made the toast for the  Spring Festival.He said: "the new 2020 is the key year for the company's development. We need to continue to adhere to the market-oriented and two legged approach. We need to strengthen product research and development, improve product quality," strengthen physical fitness ", internal and external repair, and reasonably control product cost, Improve customer service management and trust, so that the company's products have a stronger competitiveness in the market; we also need to open up the operation market, select the best, do a few truly our own operation projects, once and for all; we need to constantly improve and standardize the internal operation management, further consolidate the foundation; we need to see the new year as a new starting point and a new task Business and new challenges. "

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